Culture, Diversity, & Well-Being Lab

WINNER of the 2020 National Educational Telecommunication Association Awards – Best Use of Digital Media


Check out the new online digital series “Let’s Talk,” including 7 episodes with parents sharing their experiences talking with their children about race and racism. Episodes, resources, and tips here: Let’s Talk – PBS Utah


Our lab’s overarching goal is to reduce disparities in access, service, and quality of mental health and education services for historically underserved groups. We utilize quantitative approaches, including meta-analysis and multivariate methods to identify significant predictors (e.g., multicultural competencies; working alliance) for treatment outcomes and processes in psychotherapy as well as factors contributing to academic persistence (e.g., institutional climate). Our lab’s current work with elementary students also involves the utilization of innovative qualitative approaches, including community-based participatory, grounded theory, and narrative inquiry methods to examine psychological, relational, and contextual influences on children’s racial-ethnic identity development and educational experiences.

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